Marco Zuccarini is an affirmed Italian
Conductor. As a Conductor Marco has enjoyed working with international
celebrities. He has focused on conducting since 1989 and is recognized
worldwide as a leading Conductor.
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…refined, sensitive, delicately expressed in the clarity of the orchestra guided by the precise baton of Zuccarini...

Daniela Sari
La Nuova, Cagliari, 30th April 1996
...Zuccarini conducted Mendelssohn’s “The Beautiful Melusine” successfully creating the passionate and dreamy atmosphere... in Schubert’s 4th Symphony, the “Tragic”, Zuccarini imposed an interpretation aimed at revealing on the one hand melodic profiles and tonal subtleties and on the other the highlights which succeed one another in an intensification of dynamic contrasts and accents...much applause.

Gianfranco Ferrara
Il Gazzettino, Treviso, 20th March 1996