Marco Zuccarini is an affirmed Italian
Conductor. As a Conductor Marco has enjoyed working with international
celebrities. He has focused on conducting since 1989 and is recognized
worldwide as a leading Conductor.
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...a splendid performance…with broad phrasing that immediately goes to the the work of Sculthorpe Marco Zuccarini knew how to draw out the magnificent sensation of primordial nature...(in Prokofieff’s “Classical” Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet”) the well-thought-out direction of Marco Zuccarini placed the right emphasis on both the moments of expressive effusion and those of intimacy, assigning distinct prominence to the single instrumental groups (particularly the winds)...a wonderful evening, broken only by extensive applause...

Sergio Sciacca
La Sicilia, 18th February 2000
....both the soloists’ near-seamless interweaving and the crispness of Zuccarini’s support gave this work a striking freshness, an unexpected interest revitalising what has become a commonplace of the repertoire...Zuccarini again showing his expertise by drawing out some interesting bursts of activity in the orchestral accompaniment, details that most other conductors gloss over.

Clive O’ Connell
The Age, Melbourne 17th October 2000
Marco Zuccarini lifted the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to thrilling heights in Sale’s Memorial Hall...the orchestra gave a performance in Sale that began with a measured but refreshing interpretation of Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin, moved with assurance through Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A, enveloped the senses with Dvorak’s Symphony N° 8 and ended with an overwhelming encore performance of Brahms’ Hungarian DanceN°5...Dvorak’s Symphny N°8 was presented in a flamboyant, almost rollcoaster-ride fashion. Zuccarini used the full strings complement with deftness and allowed the flute solos to carry their birdlike impressions to brilliantly counterpoint the assurance of the cellos and violas...The Brahms encore was played “fortissimo” and left this listener almost breathless trying to keep pace with Zuccarini’s vigorous interpretation...

Peter Hill
Gippsland Times, 17th November 2000