Marco Zuccarini is an affirmed Italian
Conductor. As a Conductor Marco has enjoyed working with international
celebrities. He has focused on conducting since 1989 and is recognized
worldwide as a leading Conductor.
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…Catania, Marco Zuccarini on the podium with the Orchestra Sinfonica of Teatro Massimo… an elegant and sensitive interpreter…showed from the very start his discernig style in interpreting the inspiring force of the score converting it into trasparent and intense musical expression...the performance of Schubert’s famous 4th Symphony was penetrating and particular the andante was full of enthusiasm and dramaticism under Zuccarini’s incisive gesture...the affinity between Zuccarini’s vibrant baton and the soloists( Boris Belkin and Bruno Boano) was extremely evident...

Elvira Ursino
La Sicilia, 15th June 1998