Marco Zuccarini is an affirmed Italian
Conductor. As a Conductor Marco has enjoyed working with international
celebrities. He has focused on conducting since 1989 and is recognized
worldwide as a leading Conductor.
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…The care the resident conductor Marco Zuccarini shows is benficial for his orchestra…where he has been working for years with devotion and a meticulous eye for detail. The structure of an orchestra is as complex as it is understands just how difficult it is to organize in a balanced way the artistic aspect of such a body...a good resident conductor is therefore imperative...Zuccarini is creating the distinctive sound of the Orchestra Sinfonica order to produce this recognizable quality Zuccarini has reigned in the woodwind and strings, compelling them to play with extremely controlled dynamics graduating in intensity from “mezzoforte” to “pianissimo” exceptional performance.

Walter Tortoreto
Il Centro, 14th March 1995
…Zuccarini knew how to offer, through clear gestures and attention to accents and lengthy phrasing, an interpretation which was not, however, lacking in emotion…fine performance by everyone, but thanks particularly to the conductor whose interpretation did not veer towards romantic turgidity, always a danger when there is a large string section…

Claudio Gherbitz
Il Piccolo,Trieste, 13th April 1995

…A breath of fresh air on the stage…the Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese at its best in Mendelssohn’s Symphony n.°4....conductor Marco Zuccarini and his musicians gave an exquisitely refined interpretation...

La Depeche, Auch( France), 17th June 1995