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•  26 Concert Teatro di Cagliari World Premiere of “Notti Sylvane” by Sylvano Bussotti

•  19th.Concert in Udine, Orchestra Sinfonica del Friuli Venezia Giulia,soloist Simonide Braconi (Hindemith and Mendellssohn)

•  Regional Tour un Sardinia with the Sinfonietta of Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, soloist Filippo Gianfriddo
•  22nd concert in Suzzara with Orchestra da camera di Mantova ( Mozart and Beethoven)

•  22nd Gala Concert in Melbourne Town Hall for the 150th Anniversary of Melbourne University, Faculty of Music Symphony Orchestra,soloist Bonnie Brown ( Brahms and Beethoven)

•  23rd Opening Concert Estate Musicale Frentana,
International Youth Orchestra" F:Fenaroli",
soloist Ilya Grubert (Tchaikowsky e Brahms)

•  14th concert in Melbourne,Wind Ensamble Orchestra Victoria

•  24th Final Concert Australian Violin Competition
"Dorcas Violin Competition" Melbourne

•  27th Concert in Hobart with Tasmania Symphony Orchestra, Guy Noble speaker

•  4th and 6th, Aukland and Hamilton with Aucland Philarmonia, soloist Robert Thies( Weber, Chopin, Zagni and Mozart)

•  11th: concert in Auckland with Auckland Philarmonia, soloist Daniel Matsukawa( Bukhanan,weber,Britten,Shistakovich)

•  18th: concert in Melbourne Town Hall, Symphony Orchestra of the Melbourne University Faculty of Music( Saint Saens and Tchaikowsky)


•  from 2nd to 17th six performances of Madama Butterfly in Sydney Opera House, Orchestraand Choir of Sydney Opera House, singers of Opera Australia Company

•  25th: Opening Concert Symphonic Season Teatro Marrucino Chieti, Orchestra of Teatro Marrucino, soloists Silvia Cuccurullo and Sabina Concari( Mendellssohn, Mozart, Beethoven)